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So in buying the right bra…


I am going to expose a little more of myself than I usually do.


And if you are a gentleman reading this, you might decide to go no further …


Because this blog is just between us ladies.


Outside the Lingerie Store in Thornbury Ontario/Buying the Right Bra


Cherchez La Femme


Summer has been quite wet where I live, and so it was a rainy and humid day that I decided to visit a lingerie store in the next town.


It’s called Cherchez La Femme which with a nuanced translation is something like “Looking for the woman in you,” appealing, of course, to my French sensibilities and my interest in French Lingerie.


Bras at Cherchez La Femme/Buying The Right Bra


Now, with COVID, I have had every excuse in the world not to deal with clothing, especially undergarments.


After a year and more, the latter is threadbare, the elastics fraying, and the underwires are sticking out ready to poke me in the eye.


No way was I going to order online, so, maybe you can relate — I was in desperate need of at least one new bra!


Many times, in the past, in Paris, I have stood outside a lingerie store, drooling over the blatantly-displayed alluring garments, and have been too intimidated to go in.



I love this one!/Buying The Right Bra



But this day on my own turf, I summoned up the courage.


The store doesn’t look like much from the outside but inside it is like wading into a sumptuously intimate boudoir.


Lingerie of all kinds screams to be fondled, the fabrics and detailed designs so tantalizing, intended to bear secrets only the wearer knows (and well maybe also one’s mate).



Oh la la!


Buying the Right Bra




I happened to notice on a shelf above the desk was the book “Paris Undressed” authored by my dear friend and lingerie expert Kathyrn Kemp Griffin who lives outside of Paris.

(If you have not read it, get it by clicking on the link above or by reading my blog post called French Lingerie!


Kate was the person who reminded me —

“We wear underwear but French women wear lingerie. In fact, they consider it a most essential part of their wardrobe.”


Her book underlines in great detail that getting the right bra and bra size is crucial.



Kate’s book prominently displayed



A Bra That Fits!


Like trying on bathing suits,  however, I find it daunting to go into a fitting room and face a full-length mirror.



Getting ready to bare all in the fitting room



But the salespeople couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful.


There was even a little fan going to keep me cool as I tried on so many beautiful items.


Lo and behold, I discovered that I have been wearing the wrong bra size for … well, forever.


And getting one that really fits me! What a revelation.  Comfortable, with no bits and pieces peeking out where they should not, and a feeling of real support.



Pretty in Pink! Or should I go for black or red??


Without revealing all — let’s just say my new sizing jives with the year that ended Bonnie and Clyde’s bank-robbing career, and the worst grade, I mean the worst, you would ever want to get on a test!


Who knew?


Nor will I fully reveal which one I bought.  I settled on somewhere between seductive and demure with some black. Can you guess?


A good bra does not come cheap but a year later I am still wearing this bra and it fits perfectly.


You get what you pay for.



New Bra in the Bag!


The best part though.


When I wear it only I will know.  Beneath even my jeans and a t-shirt, I will feel like I am exuding a bit of mystery.


I invite your comments, dear readers.

This should be fun!

Please share them with us below.

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  1. Luci Rizzo on August 15, 2021 at 9:08 am

    So looking Forward to this next event!

    Bras. I must give the experience a try. It sounds like it could be not only a bit exciting and fun but somewhat enlightening. For years Oprah had shows about the countless numbers of women out there wearing the wrong size bras! I thought it could be a bit exaggerated but Non!

    • Diana Bishop on August 16, 2021 at 6:26 pm

      Definitely was out of my comfort zone Luci..but I am a convert now. Love hearing from you!

  2. Gretchen Greene O'Brien on August 15, 2021 at 10:01 am

    Great minds think alike!!! I, too, visited a lovely little lingerie shop in a town close by this past summer – and was fitted with a comfortable bra. Had been wearing the wrong size for awhile – so no wonder it was uncomfortable! Now I don’t feel the urge to fling off my new bra the minute I return home!

    • Diana Bishop on August 16, 2021 at 6:27 pm

      Good for you Gretchen! Nothing like having something that actually fits while feeling so good too! Diana

  3. Lois Callander on August 15, 2021 at 11:17 am

    I know exactly what you mean about being properly fitted and wearing the most exquiste, sensual and yes, expensive, bra. But oh! I wouldn’t trade that wonderful physical and emotional experience. It is worth every penny – oops! dollar! I do want to purchase the book Paris Undressed. Maybe after my next bra purchase. Keep up this fun blog! Lois C.

    • Diana Bishop on August 16, 2021 at 6:27 pm

      Love hearing from you Lois! Thank you for your comment, Diana

  4. Lagatta de Montréal on August 15, 2021 at 10:30 pm

    Interesting but I know several French women in cities (Paris, Lyon, Aix) who are no longer interested in that aesthetic and prefer sleeker underthings – and no underwires. Fortunately modern engineering has made such alternatives feasable for a wider range of women.

    Lovely and unexpected boutique!

    • Diana Bishop on August 16, 2021 at 6:28 pm

      Maria .. great to hear from you. That does not surprise me at all. I can see women want to be comfortable these days. But having the right fit… gold. It has made all the difference to me. Best to you and thank you so much for the comment. Diana

  5. Kate on August 16, 2021 at 10:55 am

    Hello Diana… Bonjour from Paris! I am so glad you were able to take the time for you! Isn’t it amazing how lingerie can help you nurture a loving, caring, and sensual relationship with yourself ♡♡♡ And how lovely to see my book beautifully displayed and there to guide where guidance is needed… merci, merci, merci… Kate xx

    • Diana Bishop on August 16, 2021 at 6:30 pm

      Hi Kate.. I think I may have told them about your book on a previous visit.. where I did not buy anything. I was so thrilled to see it displayed. I will send you the address in an email. Thank you for reading … I hoped you would see it. Diana

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