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Diana Bishop recommended productsAs Women of a Certain Age, we are looking for products that enhance our lifestyle.

We are busy, active get-on-with-it women, focussed on doing the things we love to do.

I am excited to bring you products that have been chosen primarily because they are efficient, practical, and affordable.

I know because I personally endorse them, and have tried and continue to use them.

In almost every case, they are also made by companies that are run by women.

If you have a product that you think would align with our brand, please contact me at


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While Woman Of A Certain Age endorses these products, the product owners and manufacturers listed here take full responsible for any quality control issues, service or shipping responsibilities, or misuse or liabilities related to the purchase or use of their products.



Face Masks by Joie de couture

Original French-Themed Reversible Three-Ply Masks   Finally! — I have found someone who makes a COVID Mask in beautiful Paris and French fabrics.   These masks have been personally designed and handmade by Danielle St-Aubin who believes that if masks are going to become part of our everyday wardrobe for a while to come, and…


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