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Diana Bishop recommended productsAs Women of a Certain Age, we are looking for products that enhance our lifestyle.

We are active, busy, get-on-with-it women, focussed on doing the things we love to do!

I am excited to bring you products that have been chosen primarily because they are efficient, practical, affordable, and they work!

I know because I personally endorse them, and have tried and continue to use them.

In almost every case, they are also made by companies that are run by women.

If you have a product that you think would align with our brand, please contact me at



Clean Kiss™ Skin Care

  Of all the skincare lines I have tried and tested over the last few years, this is my favourite.  Clean Kiss™ products are 100 percent natural. There are TWO products in particular that I am never without. The Facial Youth Serum —This serum has not only improved the texture of my skin but fades…


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