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Vive Paris!

For me, Paris is like a delicious weekend romance! When I travel there, I dress up, go out to eat, visit museums, walk and walk, take a romantic boat ride, sit in a café and watch the world go by.

Then I  go home, and painfully pine to go back again. It is the perfect relationship, a bit of fantasy I know but I am smitten.

So this is a blog about Paris! Uniquely for Women Of A Certain Age. Because like Paris, at this age, we bring to the world the very best of ourselves!

Coming This January 2021
Woman of a Certain Age in Paris

The Virtual Adventures Club

A private membership club that includes LIVE interviews with high profile talented women doing extraordinary things in Paris and France!

Along with so much more!

First Interview of SEVEN in 2021 is with

Sonia Choquette, Best Selling author of 28 books

including  Waking Up In Paris 

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Tuesday, February 9th

12:30 pm EST/9:30 am Pacific/6:30 pm CET (Paris)/5:30 pm GMT (UK)


Waking Up In Paris!

January 24, 2021

  So many people have asked me if I love Paris so much, why I haven’t moved there? I explain to them, that for me, Paris is like a delicious…

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My First Trip To Paris!

January 17, 2021

  For those of you who are new to my blog, I thought I would revisit a little of my history about my passion for Paris! This is an excerpt…

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The Virtual Adventures Club is LIVE!

January 10, 2021

  Happy New Year Everyone! Wouldn’t we all love to see a return to days like this! Full of fun, harmony and respect for one another? *(This photo is of…

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Revisiting My Paris Christmas List

December 20, 2020

I received some emails last week from people who said they could not access Heather Stimmler’s interview from December 8th because it required a password, so  I am following up…

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My 2021 All Star Line-up!

December 13, 2020

First, thank you to all who joined the webinar on December 8th with Heather Stimmler of It was a delightful way to tap into Paris this holiday season despite…

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Remembering Shakespeare and Company

December 6, 2020

  Virtual Adventures Club Update: Looking forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday for my Interview, The Secret Life Of An American In Paris with Heather Stimmler, founder of…

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Macaron Heaven!

November 29, 2020

  Lady Gaga got some.   So did Bradley Cooper, Ellen DeGeneres, Nicole Kidman and Helen Mirren!   In fact, all 50 nominees for the 2019 Academy Awards got them…

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The Shop!

November 22, 2020

  Today I officially launch “THE SHOP” on my website!   For the last year or so, I have been searching for and trying products that I think align with…

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The Secret Life of An American in Paris!

November 15, 2020

Woman of a Certain Age in Paris Presents: A Guide To Paris’s Best Kept Secrets   My Live Interview with Heather Stimmler Travel Writer, Tour guide And Creator of “Secrets…

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Burst My Bubbles!

November 8, 2020

  Forty-odd years ago when I first went to Paris, I wouldn’t even think of drinking water from the tap.   One look at the murky Seine river with centuries…

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