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The Paris Bistro Chair

May 18, 2019

Don’t you love French bistro chairs?  They are such an integral part of the ambience of the imitable Parisian terrace. And you could spend days photographing them without seeing two…

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My Mother Never Made It To Paris!

May 11, 2019

But if she had, I know she would have felt right at home, because my mother embodied everything that Paris represents–grace, exquisite beauty, dignity and strength.     If my…

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Diana’s French Recipe Test Kitchen, Recipe #2

May 4, 2019

  I don’t cook much as you all know,  so attempting something as finicky as the classic Cheese soufflé felt like a tall order. However, one rainy and cold Sunday,…

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Top French TV Shows

April 27, 2019
Top French TV Shows

  French Television shows are an entertaining way to experience select aspects of French life and culture that may not normally be on your radar. Here are My Top Three…

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The Resurrection of Notre Dame Cathedral

April 20, 2019

  “We will rebuild Notre Dame, all of us together, even more beautiful than before.”  French President E. Macron   I have passed by Notre Dame in Paris more times…

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My Spring Silk Scarf Giveaway!

April 13, 2019
Diana Bishop

At this time of year, Parisians are beginning to forgo “l’écharpe”, the heavier scarf they wear during the colder months, for “le foulard”, a scarf made from lighter material, such…

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Happy 65th To My Dearest of Friends!

April 6, 2019

I don’t think any of you would disagree that our close circle of girlfriends is one of the greatest joys of being a woman. Women are experts in how to…

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The Fanny Pack Is Back!

March 30, 2019

Not that long ago, I  was pickpocketed on the subway in Barcelona. I was exhausted after a long day of sightseeing packed into crowded subway car when a woman, who,…

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And The Winner Is…

March 23, 2019

Lucky Suze McCart! She is heading to France in September to cycle her way around Provence!  How fortuitous that she is the WINNER of my most recent Giveaway Draw —…

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La Baguette

March 16, 2019

I have to say something about French bread. Because my love affair with Paris and France began with the bread. Like many people, I tend to watch how much bread…

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